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Caitriona O’Driscoll, PhD, BSc Pharm

Caitriona O’Driscoll is a Pharmacist, and Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy in University College Cork (UCC). She completed her PhD studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences in Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and undertook a sabbatical in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of Kansas, USA. She was a senior lecturer in the School of Pharmacy at TCD prior to her appointment to UCC in 2003. She is a Board member of the Irish Health Products Regulatory Authority and is a founding member and Chair of Regulatory Science Ireland.

Professor O’Driscoll’s research strategy is translational in nature and product driven. The research is focused on the design, formulation and characterisation of biomimetic drug delivery systems incorporating the products of the pharmaceutical biotechnology industry such as peptide/protein type drugs and nucleic acids. To accelerate translation into the clinic, nano-sized drug delivery constructs are engineered to maintain stability during processing and storage, and to ensure safe and effective use by patients.