Critical Path for Parkinson’s Consortium 2017 Annual Meeting

The Critical Path for Parkinson’s (CPP) Consortium, cofounded by C-Path and Parkinson’s UK, held its second annual consortium member meeting on June 12 in Bethesda, MD. The meeting brought together scientists from the biopharmaceutical industry, academic institutions, and government agencies; people living with Parkinson’s; patient-advocacy associations; and U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulators to align on the collaborative ways to increase efficiency, safety, and speed in developing new therapies for Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s UK Receives CAMD Nonprofit Organization Award


Dr. Arthur Roach, Director of Research at Parkinson’s UK accepts the first Nonprofit Organization Award from CAMD presented by Dr. Diane Stephenson, Critical Path Institute, at the annual meeting held at FDA on Oct 20th, 2015. Parkinson’s UK is recognized for their leadership in supporting the launch of a fully dedicated consortium aimed at integrating patient level data from Parkinson’s disease patients around the world.

PD Imaging Biomarker Team at European Medicines Agency (EMA)


Experts of the Parkinson’s disease imaging biomarker team participated in a Scientific Advice meeting at the European Medicines Agency on October 7th 2015. The purpose of this meeting was to review the evidence provided to the Agency that supports the use of Molecular Imaging of the Dopamine Transporter as an enrichment biomarker in clinical trials targeting subjects at first signs and symptoms of PD. Team members from left: Steve Arneric, C-Path; Derek Hill, Ixico; Klaus Romero, C-Path; Patricia Cole, Takeda; Arthur Roach, Parkinson’s UK; Ken Marek, MNI; Diane Stephenson, C-Path; Dawn Matthews, ADm Diagnostics; Mark Gordon, Boerhinger Ingelheim.